Miami based Blink Group Gallery, brings to the forefront of the online art experience an astounding array of paintings, drawings, sculpture and fine photography from an eclectic group of artists from different parts of the world. The shop features art in a range of prices that provide both established collectors and newly introduced art lovers a quality experience.


Blink Group Gallery follows its natural evolutionary process of presenting select works within the shop that have been expertly curated ensuring both collector and Artist are presented in an innovative manner featuring the highest quality work and maintaining the aesthetic that Blink Group is known for providing its artists and its collectors.


Blink Group Gallery has edited and curated these amazing works for you to select from while making it simple, accessible and inviting for everyone.


“Born from a love of Art and Friendships, our mission is to ensure that every detail and every aspect of our artist and client relationship is perfect”


We welcome you to Blink Group Gallery Online.

Artist of the Month

Andy Pruna

Andy Pruna, born Andrés Pruna in 1940, is a Cuban painter who was educated in Havana’s San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, Massachusetts’s Eaglebrook School, and New York City’s National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts. But, it has been his vast work and experience as an Officer in the US Navy Underwater Demolitions/Seals team in the Bay of Pigs (UDT), contract photographer for National Geographic, deep-sea diver and Aquanaut for the Navy, and award-winning wildlife documentary filmmaker, that has shaped his unique creative vision. When not traveling, Andy, the modern-day renaissance man with a mind for conservation, lives and paints in Miami, FL, where he is also husband to wife, María Isabel, and father to three talented offspring.

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